Prioritization frameworks can be helpful tools to determine which products, features, and projects should be focused on and placed on the roadmap.

In this article, we talk about three frameworks: RICE Scoring, the Weight Scoring Decision Matrix, and the Kano Model.

RICE Scoring

The RICE scoring model is a prioritization framework that…

Jugaad is a colloquial Hindi word that roughly revolves around the idea of creative improvisation or frugal innovation. Commonplace in many countries where resources are not abundant, jugaad thinking manifests as the fruit vendor breathing new life into a broken bicycle and miscellaneous scraps and concocting a makeshift mango cargo…

Taking a product to market involves communicating its benefits and the category in which it belongs to prospects and the marketplace. Failing to communicate this is one of the top reasons why startups fail to achieve product-market fit.

Bridging Connections

People intrinsically want to categorize. Whether explicitly or unconsciously, we categorize different…

Srini Sekaran

Product Manager at Amazon. Previously at NASA and startups. Optimist.

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